About us

Red heads, also known as gingers, have reddish colored hair which is the rarest hair color found in humans. Of the roughly 7 billion people that are alive on the Earth today, only about one to two percent display this hair color, and it is mostly present in the populations of Northern and Northwestern Europe. It results from the recessive allele found in chromosome 16, which generates an alternate MC1R protein.
Female red heads in particular are regarded by many men (and some women) as being especially beautiful. Their pale skin, freckles and hair makes them stand out in a world where most people have black or brown hair. While this has sometimes led to ridicule and stereotypes, it is also a source of great physical attraction. Red hair also comes in multiple hues. It can range from deep burgundy to auburn (reddish brown), orange red and bright copper.
Our agency specializes in red heads, and is the first in Europe to do so. They are available for travel around the continent and beyond. Appointments start at three hours so contact us today to arrange a rendezvous.